Monday, 2 March 2009

March Has Arrived

The last few weeks have been a little odd having buried our old schnauzer Sammy on Febuary 20th the place seems terribly quite without him but after 15 years that is to be expected,when not working we have tried to keep busy and this weekend I went and removed a tree from my mothers garden, it took quite a time to do as there is always something else that needs attention. Jane helped me clear up on Saturday afternoon.
The tree went to the dump.

"But Jane started filling the compost bin quite modestly!"

It was hard work we did have some fun, and Jane always likes to get stuck in to work like this so long as I do not push her too hard. We cut we chopped, we raked and brushed Jane helped crushing things into the wheelie bin until it was absolutely full as you can see in the pictures she does get carried away sometimes and I never try to hold her back.

Eventually Jane could get no more into the compost bin so climbed in to crush down the contents and allow us to fill it some more,

And it was full when she had finished!

All we have to do now is attack our own garden as it needs some TLC after the winter months, so I guess that's what we will be doing this coming weekend weather permitting.

There is never anything more satisfying than working together with my wife.

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