Sunday, 16 October 2011

A long and busy Summer.....

This has been the busiest year for me, with no time to think of having any spare, it all started back in March as we began writing the book, as the year gained momentum and progressively more intense I had to concentrate upon key deadlines, both for the book and my magazine articles, I also managed find time along the way to edit of my second DVD Ying and Yang, I have just received the final cut and will be releasing Ying and Yang in a few weeks at The Harrogate show, in Novemeber. If you enjoyed my first DVD platter magic give Karl at KTMP or myself a call to get your copy,
The DVD is 5 hours long, and packed with great information and tips, it has been broken down into easy to follow chapters. At £19:99 its great value for money.

I did manage a brief scheduled rest-bite in June, when I travelled to Dublin to judge the annual RDS craft competition for the third time, this is always great to do as you get to see all the other crafts entered as well as your own.

I demonstrated as one of the lead demonstrators at The AWGB Bi-annual symposium at the beginning of August, 10 days later I found myself doing it all over in Waco Texas I am told this is the second largest symposium in America.
No sooner than Jane and I arrived home, it was straight back to the book editss and magazine articles again.

I have travelled across the UK this year to give several all day and evening demonstrations at clubs, it really has been a very busy year.
I also managed to teach quite a few students here in my workshop, its all become a bit of a blur I'm afraid.
The year is not yet over and there is much ahead in my diary. Over the next few weeks I have 15 days of tuition, another article to write before I arrive at Harrogate in November 17th I feel sure the book will also feature in here at some point.
I have an evening Demonstration planned at Bury St Edmunds Nov 14th.
The woodturning club meet at D.J Evans. If you are in the area come along.

Spare time has been a rare commodity this year and something to be relished by doing something special as it is my 50th.
Well last weekend I attended a Three day Painting and Drawing Life course at West Norfolk Arts Centre, with artist Tony Paul from Dorset. This was great as it gave me time to get away and relax, although this was only a brief break. Monday morning it was straight back to work as the first layouts for the book arrived as I was about to leave.
Below is one of my Charcoal drawings that I produced over the three days. This is something I have always wanted to do and this year I feel I managed to achieve my ambition but it is something I would like to do more regularly as it is such fun to create the image you are looking at on paper to capture that moment in time , It was a great escape form the pressure I am currently under for a few days.

I cant wait to do some more iti s such great fun!!!

I will update again soon dealines permitting.