Friday, 1 July 2011

Summer Update and deadlines.

Well its been a while, I have just returned from Dublin where I judged the Woodturning section for RDS anual craft competition,I am still very busy writting articles doing production spindle turning for clients, demonstratiing at woodturning clubs, then there is the two symposiums to get ready for in August which is getting ever closer, and then there is the main event that is occuping allmost all of my time right now.
In March I started to write a book about woodturning and I am getting towards the end of this project now, only a few more sections to do then I can concentrate on some new work for the symposiums in August.
There are many new ideas in my sketch book/head and I cant wait to start work on them, so its more of the same for the next couple of months. but Hey Ho!
Write a book in three months I must be insane but it does create a controlled routine to meet the tight deadlines!!
When I start work I will try to post some images of the new work in a few weeks.