Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy February

Having had the flu and starting to feel better I felt it was time to give you all a brief update.
I had a slow start to the year the book Contemporary Woodturning. Techniques and Projects is finally finished so now I can move on from that project, it certainly took some serious commitment to complete, all I have to do now is wait for the printed copies to arrive this should be late May/June fingers crossed.
January was unusually busy and work is steadily gathering pace after a good start.
I have decided to take part in the NNOS(Norfolk and Norwich Open studios) event this year this takes place in May/June.
Hopefully I will see lots of you here in my workshop/studio, I am also taking part in several exhibitions throughout the year.

The first of which is at One Church Street Gallery Great Missenden this runs Feb 8th until March 10th 2012.
Others to follow include The (NCCS) Norfolk contemporary Craft Society exhibition in October celebrating their 40th Anniversary.
The Wizardry in Wood Exhibition in October.
Im sure there are others but cannot think of them just now.

I have the usual round of club demonstrations throughout the year as well as production turning/teaching to keep me busy when not writing further articles for GMC publications these articles have a 20 working day turnover so time has to constantly be managed carefully to fit everything into the schedule. We live by the wall planner and diary and commit to nothing before their consultation.

A question was recently asked on another blog that I follow “What is your time worth” My answer is simple: more than it used to be. As costs continue to escalate, so does the rate for my time.

After all every time my van is serviced it costs more each time, as do the parts used to maintain and make needed repairs.

Finally a rather belated Happy New Year to one and all. I hope to see some of you throughout the year.