Thursday, 26 February 2009

March Is Not Far Away.

We seem to have shaken the winter bugs at long last I do hope I haven't spoken too soon but the sun is out and we are feeling so much better than we have for a long time.Lets hope the good weather continues as bright as it's been today.
I managed to scrounge wet Ash and Silver Birch logs today so with luck can try some experimental tunings in the next day or two distractions avoided who knows where the Ash may be heading, I have a few ideas, I just have to shut the door and get on with it, as SWMBO says far to often to me. We used to have a guy working with us who also said far to often "don't say it do it " I think all to often we procrastinate about things and on many occasions it would be better to just hit these issues head on to resolve the problems that may arise as things progress.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Spring is around the corner. Hopefully!

We Have Been Ill Again!.
I know it has been some time since my last post but my wife and I have been ill again these winter bugs just won't go away no sooner you think you are over one than another appears, I have not been as bad as Jane but I do feel run down with no energy to get on with the work that I have/want to do still spring is approaching so things will get better I guess.

Plans For the Spring.
Last year I had a visit from some people from Sligo in Ireland, I mentioned that I would like to visit Ireland for a holiday.They however have decided to invite me to demonstrate at their club. The only problem with these trips is Jane gets see the sites while I work but as we are going for a long weekend I will get to see some as well. Ireland here I come this should be a fun trip.

Ongoing Everyday Work And Aspirations.
As always I have been working on my articles for GMC I am really exited about this current series.
Having been ill the website took a back seat but it is on a roll again it only needs a few more pics and another look over to get it finished before I can get it across to the guys I use, and it will be there but it does take time and we need all the info to be correct.

Here are links to blogs that may be of interest to you they both ask some interesting questions :