Monday, 1 April 2013

March/April update.


Was busy with production turning and teaching and soon disappeared.

3mm natural edge Holly

Rough turned Spalted Beech Vessels.

Lots of teaching this month and a fair bit of turning and a reasonable amount of production spindles from various clients, it has been a good mix to create the diversity I really enjoy. I have rough turned some spalted beech vessels. I was also fortunate enough to obtain some very fresh Holly which is always such great fun, turning it to a very thin wall thickness (around 2-3mm) leaving its natural edge and allowing it to move as it dries. It is always challenging to say the least, at times frustrating but it is always Fun and helps refine/hone ones tool control and understandings of how a tool actually performs.

Norwich Urban Sketchers.

I did manage to get out sketching and painting a bit but to be honest it has been to cold and damp for me I did get to the Norwich Urban sketchers gathering at the Castle Mall on Sun Feb 24th . This gave me an opportunity to sketch people on the move, the speed that you need to work to catch the movement is amazing and teaches much, trying to sketch figures climbing the stairs was fun and not as easy as one first imagines, but there was lots to draw it was a fun afternoon getting the chance to meet with other like minded folk to draw, chat and drink Hot Chocolate. Unfortunately I missed the gathering at the Norwich Cathedral due to prior commitments, it must have been great with all those architectural details to sketch maybe I will get there another day. I

Planning for next year 2014.
I am currently planning a trip to Scotland next year demonstrating at a number of clubs this is an area we rarely get to. This is something I am looking forward to, I would also like to include days of tuition during this trip, if you are interested in a Demo or tuition please contact me at:

This is a great opportunity for the clubs in this area as I am planning on dividing the costs for mileage amongst those involved, this will make it affordable for everyone until we have a route planned it is difficult to give a final cost if you are interested in making a booking then please do not hesitate to contact me at:

A trip like this takes a great deal of organisation putting together the route but also the accommodation required I often stay with club members spending time with them sharing experiences and knowledge, one thing I simply love when invited to do so is seeing other peoples workshops it’s a privilege to see were others work and it is amazing what can be learnt doing this, its unbelievable what everyone gets up to in there private spaces.


As we enter April I am earnestly creating new work to take with me when I travel to the Utah symposium in May.

A small Tease.

You can see a tease of some of the pieces I am working on in the images in this blog post I will also post some work in progress images during the coming weeks on my face book page,( if you are not a follower please subscribe) this period is often frantic with long days the time is on occasions fraught with frustrations but it is always worth the effort when creating new and exciting pieces that evolve as they progress each time I make them.