Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Christmas and New Year.Gone

Allways a busy time with work promised and family calling it is impossible to sit down and write add to that the ongoing round of winter colds that hang on and seem to never leave for any lenght of time trying to update my blog has been impossible over the last few weeks or is it longer,now I will try to get on top again as I really enjoy doing this I find it helps me with my writing for GMC and allows the hand to nearly move as quick as the brain! well not quite but you know what I mean the fingers are getting much quicker and I seem to find the letters more easily than they used too.

Christmas and New Year Done.

January 13th Already and the new year is rolling on.But as I have not yet wished everyone new year let me do it now and start this years blog by reflecting on last year, which was a great year I gave many demonstrations around the UK which seem to have been received very well by those that attended, I have already got quite a few booked for this year and look forward to each and every one.
Invitation to South Africa
I have to admit the highlight of the year came in July for demonstration's and this was a three week tour of Sth Africa as their honoured guest which I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by Jane my wife which made the trip even more fun (our first holiday together for more than twenty year's)
I have to say the Sth Africans are amazing hosts and we would love to go back to see more of the country and the people. Jane loved every minute and had a great holiday! I had to work, still someone has to pay and it was my turn, I think we will go again if ever the chance came our way with out a second thought.
A Small Bundle of Happiness and Joy Arrived in May
Another highlight in the Year was becoming grandparents to Lilly Rose Jennifer's daughter who was born in May this was quite an event and one that took some time to get used to for all concerned so it was quite a year lets hope this coming year is equally challenging and demanding we can but wait and see.
The Year ahead
I think this could be a very interesting year with all that is going on in the world at present people have finally stopped talking credit crunch which I never understood and started using a word that often strikes fear into people and that is Recession I wonder what phrase or word will be used next I do remember the 1990's and the business's around us that went to the wall. We were lucky enough to survive without losing too much but I have to say I no longer trust dept recovery agents it doe's pay to keep hold of the purse strings in times like these and not to get carried away with the moment as can easily be done when new projects are being rolled out or planned.
I think the best way ahead at present is to keep your head down and to get on with the job in hand keeping an eager eye on those around you and listening to the rumour mills do what is needed to survive remembering the point to all that is done and we all have different agenda's I will say no more for now but keep watching you will find out more at a later date.
I may even get to update my website who knows it is that time of year to get it done!!! About time I hear some say if you have any ideas that you would like to see on the site let me know and I will see what can be done.