Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Family Day Out

Jane and I had a day out planned with Jennifer and lilly-Rose today at Cromer we had a rather lazy start to the day luckily as Victoria my youngest daughter made a suprise home visit and decided to come to with us for the day out.

It was lazy wind today ,One that doesnt bother going around you but goes straight through,

well that is how the winter winds are often refered to around here, as you can see it was a little fresh/bracing on the sea wall at the top of the cliffs.I think Victoria looks a little cold well iot is warmer down in Bath!

We had lunch at the cafe above the pier, fish and chips looking out to sea has to be one of my favorite meals considering the company today, with all my girls together, it allways amazes me just how much they enjoy being together !?

After lunch we wandered around the town keeping out of the wind Lilly-Rose found a friend to chat with in her own special language and even kissed him goodbye.

We had a great day out together and it was nice to see Victoria back from Bath if only for a few days as lectures have been cancelled.

Work And The Winter Ahead.

"WE HAD SNOW THIS TIME LAST YEAR" but not this time!

Its Monday tommorrow and back to work, the book is in its final stages demos are finished for the year I had great fun meeting loads of people at Harrogate woodworking show last weekend sales for the new DVD Ying and Yang are going well if you havent got your copy yet go to KTMP's website and place an order,or give me a call.

I am currently trying to decide how to add a small shopping area to my website, hopefully this will get done over the next few weeks, but I need tyo write two new articles for GMC Woodturning Magazine before Christmas hopefully not too much will get in the way and I will get everything done before Christmas.

I am also starting to work on some new pieces over the winter much of the reasearch is done its onto the cartooons next before committing to turned piece, I think this will include much more carving and colouring than colouring.

I have a question for my Blog readers:Should I take part in The Norfolk Open Studio's scheme next year if you would like to see my work and where I work then let me know.