Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Another Year !!!

Well its 2011. Another year gone.
This is going to be a big year for me next month I am fifty this is a year that means a great deal to me, its also the year I will be demontrating woodturning at the AWGB International seminar in Loughbourough and a few weeks later I will be doing it all over again at SWAT in Waco Texas so this year is going to be very busy, I am desperatly trying to develope some new work and ideas whilst currently trying to get ahead with the Articles we (Jane and myself) write for the work Woodturning magazine.

I havent had any new images for you lately but that may well change in a while keep checking in and see what I am up to who knows there may be a new regiem to report about if I have the energy I will definatly take some pictures.
We have had some pretty rough weather before New Year so here is an image for you to remind you of what we endured at the end of last year.