Sunday, 27 September 2009

An Empty Nest

Yesterday Victoria left for Uni at Bath,
Jane and I are now alone here in Horsford which has left us feeling a little odd, now we have only each other to blame for light left on or things left were they shouldnt be, and there will be no more waiting for her to get home.
Life is going to change for us all, both here and in Bath, as we will not be there to run after her; it will be an interesting learning curve for us all but one more than the others, I feel sure she will cope and thrive, we will stay in touch using the internet, I remember my first days at Art school when I stayed away for the week at a time, she is away until I'm not sure when, Christmas? who knows,time only will tell.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

25th Wedding Aniversary.

Today September 1st at 4:30 twenty five years ago Jane and I were married so today is our 25th Wedding Aniversary and we are trying to spend it together!