Monday, 27 October 2008

Another Long And Busy Week.

The days just don't seem to be long enough right now,plenty to do and I had the man flue on top of everything else, still I've made it to Monday and have to say I am feeling much better but Jane my wife is now feeling unwell.
The week was very busy with general turning, Thursday,Friday should have been spent teaching but feeling so unwell I rearranged with my student.
Sunday found us with another early start heading off to an all day demo for the North Herts and Beds wood turning group near Leighton Buzzard the journey was wet all the way and it sure did rain! But the trip was well worth it the group were receptive to my demonstration and also asked numerous questions throughout the day, lunch went down very well and was supplied by the local pub and very good it was too for me the best bit was the fruit cheesecake with cream, lunch over I was back to work.
The afternoon was spent turning and piercing a very thin walled bowl which all ways goes down well, followed by a brief look at surface erosion techniques.
I then turned an off centre pendant after many requests to do so this project did not play ball the wood blank that I selected had a hidden crack in it, all went well until I attempted remove the piece from the chucking method when it promptly split along the hidden crack not even crazy glue could help with this one but I feel sure there may well be many being made over the next few months as Christmas approaches.
I feel that the group enjoyed my presentation and we left feeling they wanted to see more of my decorating techniques than the day had given us time for, maybe next time?
I would like to thank the club for the invitation, as I understand that they only have one all day demonstration a year.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

No Sunday Lay Ins !.

Lets go to the Car boot went up the cry from Jennifer my 21 yr old so of we went for a wander around a damp field early Sunday morning, I always enjoy this looking at what other's have to sell, well this time look what I found.
Two ebonised and carved vases 6" tall and 4" dia I know nothing about them but will say as it has been said so many times before.
"There Is Nothing New In Woodturning"
Pieces like these that often serve as motivation /inspiration with my own work and often take several years to appear but having only cost me £1:00 I just couldn't resist.
Keep your eyes peeled you never Know what can be found.
These pieces have a Moroccan feel to me what do you think ?

Monday, 13 October 2008

The Timber Sale

Mobile sawmills and board timber already sold and awaiting collection.
Jane and charles sharpe just can't decide which pile to buy!
There is always a wide selection of timber this year I picked up some super rippled sycamore and spalted beech.
Also to be seen are steam powered sawmills timber framers and lots more wood related crafts/skills and sculptor's we always have agreat day out, its an event not to miss every year.

A Busy Month !

I thought I should start this entry showing you where I work this is only twenty minutes from Norwich but situated in a very quite part of Norfolk which suits me just fine,its great to return to after a trip away or even a day out.

This month is very busy something to do every weekend no spare time if I am not teaching, turning, writing or out demonstrating then it is off to the timber sale on Saturday and then Sunday a trip to the new woodworking show, so now I have wood and new tools to play with not a bad life.
The down side to the trips was that both days started at before 6:00am and were long days but as they are not made every day I don't mind, it is good to get out and network with other people at such events, however I do feel that due to chatting! Jane and I did not get around the entire show on Sunday.
Woodcut have just launched a new hollowing tool onto the market it appears to be a direct competitor to the Roly Munroe Mini it will be interesting to see how they run side by side when I get time to play; it's the usual story no time for me!
I can usually see spare time approaching and in comes another student or batch of production work as I write this, one of my small furniture makers is heading my way with a shortfall on the last batch I did for him and they will be back to him by Friday morning to keep him happy, I'd rather have it like this than be sitting on my hands waiting and wondering were tomorrow's work is coming from in the current financial climate.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Day One !.

I am a professional wood turner working in Norfolk UK close to the city of Norwich much of the work I produce has both colour and texture but always starts life on the lathe, this allows me to be more creative than when producing spindles I also write for GMC the woodturning magazine here in the UK, as well as teaching and demonstrating the craft of woodturning. Every Monday during term time I teach a group of 12-14 year old boy's,this is always fun but it can also be hard work sorry guy's it's not always easy.