Monday, 17 November 2008

Last Demo Of A Busy Year

This has been the busiest year for for me I demonstrated in Sth Africa for 3-Weeks and have given many in the UK along with teaching and all the other component parts of being a full time wood turner Teacher and Writer there has been little spare time if any but it has been fun and that's thanks to both students and audiences at demonstrations THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this and that must also include Jane for her support or should that be barracking, and personal critiques on each performance as we travel home and it's a long way from South Africa.
Hopefully I will get more time for my own work over the winter months and maybe even post some pics as it evolves who Knows.
Again there is more work to do, as I am artist in Residence at Dicklboro in a week or two and I need to finish some new work so it's back to the workshop again, I did hear recently Gary Rance no longer enjoys his turning!
But then wondered how many of you enjoy your day job, do you? let me know the answer it would be interesting to hear.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Dedicated Work

An unusual commission came through my workshop recently and Sunday saw the work dedicated at Weston Longville Church.
Jane and I went along to the service and I have to say it was quite moving to see the candles in use at the church for the festival of All Saints so often the work comes in and out but I enjoy the fact that they will be in use for many years to come on a regular basis they were made to a design supplied to me by the Benefactor as they were a gift to the Church, I used oak obtained from Ickworth Park in Suffolk and left them finished to the natural colour ,I must say they did look good with the figure showing very well indeed.

However the rest of the week has been busy again, But! I now have no more outstanding commissions, so Friday allowed me to press on with the new work that I have been trying to get started with utmost desperation and today I finished the piece that is being donated to the Tudor Rose wood turning club for the Children In Need Auction next Saturday.

It's great to have time to develop my new work without deadline pressure!.

Tomorrow sees a PR guy visiting me, I have agreed to be the Artist in Residence for the Christmas Tree Festival at the end of the month so I need work ready for that I'm not sure what he is after but I'm sure he will Know just what he wants. The rest of the week is to be tied up with more of my work and teaching, I seem to have a good steady supply of students there is not many months that I don't get fully booked and on some occasion's they have to wait some time it's better to be busy than looking for work.