Monday, 15 December 2008

Artist in Residence

Very Early this year I was invited by the Rev Norman Steer to be the artist in Residance at the Dickleborough Christmas Tree festival this I accepted and took part in. Making sale's and more importantly showing the South Norfolk Region some of my work.
I displayed a cross section of my work including both traditional and decorative turnings hopefully I had something for everyone the festival lasted 12 days and attracted several thousand people to view the displays it was great fun and on two programmed occaissions I met with the public to discuss my work and onoccaisions my thinking behind the pieces on display as some of it was not traditional by any means, all in all I recieved many very appreciative comments regarding the display some even commented that they had never seen work of such high standard in Norfolk before.
Overall it has been a busy few weeks again along with the usual round of teaching and production work that come's through the door every week.
What a Great Way to Start the Christmas Holiday Season, It also meant yet another Church visit I drerad to count how many Jane and I have made this year several more than any prevoius year !

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