Monday, 15 December 2008

After the Residancy

All packed up sales made and the work back at the workshop ,I guess I should call it my studio but when ever I have considered this in the past part of me still want to call the place that most of the turning is created should be called a workshop, I know I have a workshop, a studio and a decorating room, does the place you create your work need a name if the work stands alone as it will do once no longer in your possession, does it really matter.
One thing I do feel very strongly about is the space has to be right to create in and this is of utmost importance to me considering the diversity of the things that I create,this means that my space has to be multi functional but overall has to be right for each type of creativity, if all you do is turn this may be difficult to understand the hardest space to create is a clean one in which to paint as most of the other disciplines are dirty in comparison. But I have it sorted and in my shed because that is where I work ,this is the building that houses my workshop, decorating room and studio, all of which have the best light available some is natural and some is artificial remember that I also write and need to take photos of the projects and articles in hand so it has been no easy task to get this right and I feel sure there has to be flexability built into the space, does it really matter ?
To some it does but to me having toys to play with and space and to do it in is more important than what it is or should be called it's like the age old discussion Woodturner or Artist (who am I and does it matter and to whom )any way enough rambling for today. I still have work to complete for the holidays that has been promised, so it' s back to the shed.

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