Monday, 13 October 2008

A Busy Month !

I thought I should start this entry showing you where I work this is only twenty minutes from Norwich but situated in a very quite part of Norfolk which suits me just fine,its great to return to after a trip away or even a day out.

This month is very busy something to do every weekend no spare time if I am not teaching, turning, writing or out demonstrating then it is off to the timber sale on Saturday and then Sunday a trip to the new woodworking show, so now I have wood and new tools to play with not a bad life.
The down side to the trips was that both days started at before 6:00am and were long days but as they are not made every day I don't mind, it is good to get out and network with other people at such events, however I do feel that due to chatting! Jane and I did not get around the entire show on Sunday.
Woodcut have just launched a new hollowing tool onto the market it appears to be a direct competitor to the Roly Munroe Mini it will be interesting to see how they run side by side when I get time to play; it's the usual story no time for me!
I can usually see spare time approaching and in comes another student or batch of production work as I write this, one of my small furniture makers is heading my way with a shortfall on the last batch I did for him and they will be back to him by Friday morning to keep him happy, I'd rather have it like this than be sitting on my hands waiting and wondering were tomorrow's work is coming from in the current financial climate.

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