Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Day out in Norwich Again

Sat 26th October.

I've had a busy week or so last Sunday I had a day painting in Bury St Edmond's with wonderful new friends i met through UK Plein air on Face book we had a great time, alight lunch then painted some more,then it started to rain so we retired for coffee and then found our way home it was great to get out and relax with new friends.

The Apple Shop.

The Register of Professional Turners New Web Site

I've had an appointment at the Apple shop today this was a tutorial for my new mac mini, hopefully it  will help me get more out of it , after working on PC/windows OS for so long its not that easy, while there I showed my tutor the new website for The Register of Professional Turners which I noticed this week, my tutors reaction was not good,I have to say as the visible window to the world the website in my opinion is not one I am happy to be associated with, it is in my opinion un professional,  tacky and cheep,I do not know who designed it but they haven’t  done a very good job,is this really the way to promote the Professional WoodTurners in the UK to the World not in my opinion.

Jane came into Norwich with me and did some shopping and made me carry all her bags, so as punishment I took her to lunch at Bella Italia and I also paid, we then we did some more shopping before travelling home.


Next week is looking busy already as I am getting ready for the Norfolk Contemporary Crafts annual exhibition at the Hostry Norwich in late November.

Thanks to those who commented on my technology post your comments were interesting and diverse,I have to admit i am getting to like my latest phone I posted onto Face book while having lunch today but surely the art of conversation is not to be ignored when having an enjoyable meal with good company! 


Unknown said...

hi Nick i would appreciate your comments on my first attempt at a Ying pot. Oh with regard to apple i started my computer career with Apple and then had to switch to pc when i started teaching. I tried to go back but found it quite difficult and frankly not worthwhile.regards Colin
PS what is the cost of a day with you working on tool sharpening and thin wall work?

Nick Arnull said...

Hi Colin,e-mail me, this is not the place ego give a critique or course prices.
Nick Arnull.

Unknown said...

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