Thursday, 12 September 2013

ITS BEEN A WHILE and a long hot summer

Well it sure has been a busy summer teaching & demonstrating at woodturning clubs around the UK and even in the US, there is always production turning to be done, I even gave a talk to an art group (Art-line) in Attleborough, this was great fun and went extremely well, I cant wait o do another as the  group was very receptive to what I presented to them.

A Great But Sad Trip to the US
It was a huge privilege to demonstrate at the Utah woodturning Symposium and stay with Dale and Sharon Nish but it was with great sadness we learnt of Dales death a few days after our return from the US, this is a great loss to the world of woodturning and one I feel sure many do not fully understand as Dale did so much to bring woodturning into the wider world to share with everyone, I hope I sill have his passion for wood and Turning when I get to the age Dale was.

As some of you may be  aware I have had a break from writing for the Woodturning magazine and am beginning to get itchy feet to create some new articles, but I am also starting to think/ work seriously on my next book, as the first seems to have been so well received, and I have more ideas that I want to share with everyone.
I have some very clear ideas but I am going to keep them to myself for now, I am really looking forward to a productive time ahead over  the winter months.
 I know I have said this before and I really must try to post more frequently as I know there are many of you  following my blog.
Check back soon as I will endeavour to do so. Now I have a new computer to work on it seems to be so mush easier now it is not driven/powered by water I did think for some considerable time it was steam but it turned out to be running with slow moving water!!
Maybe next time I will post some images of what I have been doing.    

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