Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Year update

Well it has been a while since I updated my blog, life just seems to get in the way, Last year was consantly busy,  I also took part in a number of exhibitions at the later part of 2012 which was demanding but fun and rewarding, when adding to an already hectic mix of teaching, production work and writing, there was little spare time.

This year 2013 is beginning to appear as though it could be yet another busy year; I will be travelling to America and France, I will need some new work to exhibit, so I will need to spend a great deal of time developing new ideas..

I have numerous demonstrations booked here in the UK which is always great fun but also at times hard work. I must admit to enjoying the varied mix that I have with what I do and how I work.

As I feel sure you will appreciate this all requires quite a bit of planning/juggling to maintain an even balance, and it is something that never gets easier, the hardest part is fitting time off into this mix without guilt and this does require some determination and commitment to achieve, as a result I am determined to find time for my 2-D Art Drawing, Painting and sketching. This is becoming more pressing as I get older. Like anything that you wish to do well with it requires time to develop and evolve, I must admit I find the break from the workshop refreshing and at times rewarding, next Sunday I will be at the Sainsbury centre meeting up with the Norwich Urban Sketching group which only formed here in Norwich at the end of last year, this should be a fun day out meeting and chatting to other artists, we all spend far to much time working in isolation.

Something I have and will always enjoy is travelling in varied seasons, throughout the year, I am currently planning a trip to France using the Channel Tunnel this will allow me to carry whatever kit I require for the trip, unlike when using the airlines with all the frustrations and limitations.

Check back for updates during the year, I will try to post more regularly as the year is looking like it could be somewhat diverse and interesting.

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