Sunday, 14 February 2010

First Demo of the Year Done

Following my demontration yesterday at Bedford Saws and tools Woodturning Club I have recieved an e-mail that I would like to share with you all it echo's somthing I ofen hear after a demo, I have also included some pictures the gentleman sent me as I simply forgot to take any,it was a very busy day.

"Dear Nick, in the past I have not been too keen on colouring or texturing wood turnings but at your demo I was quite impressed with the results and could be tempted to try it."

The piece below was inspired by Clarice Cliffe and shows me hard at work in Bedford, airbrushing the piece and the finished piece below ,before it was removed from the lathe.

The image below shows one of the stages in the production of one of my pieces from the "Coral Series" using an air turbine, its always great fun to see how the audience reacts as I start to work with the dental drill/burrs.

I enjoyed my day with an interesting club, its always great to meet up with old freinds and make new ones along with helping to change the views of those that in the past have not altogether liked the coloured work that has seen previously, maybe its my aroach or something is changing in the world of what people find acceptable as decorated turned work,who knows but there certainly is more people being atracted to and having a go at coulred and decorated work.

Now all I have to do is focus on my next series of demontrations in early March over in Ireland.

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