Tuesday, 12 October 2010

October 2010 Latest Works

I have been desperatly busy trying to get these pieces finished before I go to France tomorrow,

So here they are after many interuptions the image is not award winning but will show you the new pieces which are currently unnamed.

This group has specific inspiration sources,can you see them?

Comments needed what do you think.
Please comment dont just view.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Brief Update

Time is short so I will give you some bullet points. Sorry no images right now maybe in a week or two
My trip to Ireland went very well at the beginning of the summer.
I then had a some time out to catch up on some of the chores around the house/garden this went on for a little longer than intended following an event beyond my control.
I have several Club Demos booked here in the UK.
I have received two invitations for international symposiums next year both have been accepted so August is going to be very busy indeed, the work starts now creating new work the first piece is almost finished and the second is beginning to come together its always refreshing to start on new pieces as there is no telling where they may take me.

This weekend is very busy starting tomorow with an evening Demo in Suffolk.
I'm not sure how I am going to fit in everything I need before a trip to France next week.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Time For An Update

Coming soon it's long over due and there is much to post next week I must think about my postings there is news and thoughts but also questions and concerns to be posted.come back soon and read the update. /there may reven be some images but I am unsureright now!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Busy Times......

Hectic and busy why is it feast and famin for the self employed, I dont think I will ever work that one out.

DVD made and released if you are interested in "Platter Magic" my first Double DVD then contact myself or KTMP for avaiability.
Lots of work the usual production stuff, magazine deadline date aproaching,
getting ready for a trip to Irerland to judge the RDS( Royal Dublin Society)annual competion followed by a masterclass for four days then A demo at the Dublin chapter so plenty to keep me busy.
There are also updates to do for the website when I get a second.
When I return its another article and more of the same.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Large Table Base

Its not every day that a job of this diameter comes into my workshop it was 18"x 14" the brief was simple turn it parallel and put a 2" spigot on one end, my Wadkin was more than happy with the blank. And so was the client when it was collected.

My granddaughter was fascinated to watch from a safe distance with my wife keeping a watch full eye.

Lilly Rose is two so she is not allowed into the workshop without close supervision. I wonder if she will become a wood turner when she gets older? She loves to carry a note pad and pen it keeps her happy for hours so maybe she will become an artist who knows.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

What Value Art ?

There has often been discussions regarding what is perceived as ART this discussion is one that I usually avoid, but today I saw a small section of a TV programme aimed at an individual that had seen there worldly goods seized by a Bailiff to settle outstanding debts, the goods then went into an auction room and were valued by the auctioneer.
There were amongst these belongings some large modern paintings (4ft plus) these were valued at nothing more than the price of the canvas not the ART on the canvas this made me think!

Without provenance or name what is Art really worth ?

If creating MODERN ARTWORK should it stand alone or does it require intellectual substantiation.( what happens when the artist statement is no longer available) Think of the canvases standing in the auction room with diminished value.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

First Demo of the Year Done

Following my demontration yesterday at Bedford Saws and tools Woodturning Club I have recieved an e-mail that I would like to share with you all it echo's somthing I ofen hear after a demo, I have also included some pictures the gentleman sent me as I simply forgot to take any,it was a very busy day.

"Dear Nick, in the past I have not been too keen on colouring or texturing wood turnings but at your demo I was quite impressed with the results and could be tempted to try it."

The piece below was inspired by Clarice Cliffe and shows me hard at work in Bedford, airbrushing the piece and the finished piece below ,before it was removed from the lathe.

The image below shows one of the stages in the production of one of my pieces from the "Coral Series" using an air turbine, its always great fun to see how the audience reacts as I start to work with the dental drill/burrs.

I enjoyed my day with an interesting club, its always great to meet up with old freinds and make new ones along with helping to change the views of those that in the past have not altogether liked the coloured work that has seen previously, maybe its my aroach or something is changing in the world of what people find acceptable as decorated turned work,who knows but there certainly is more people being atracted to and having a go at coulred and decorated work.

Now all I have to do is focus on my next series of demontrations in early March over in Ireland.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Days are rolling by.

January is always a difficult month for me there is usually a lul in production turning and things are normally pretty quite.
Nothing new for this year then, there is however a dramatic rise in students looking for and booking wood turning tuition, which is great this early in the year which is shaping up pretty well and I need to be be very careful how I manage my time, in this first half not forgetting to allow time for things that we Jane and myself want to do,that is not always easy.
Lets hope the weather improves as the days begin to get longer it has been a tough few months for cold miserable weather and now the snow has gone we are entering a damp period, which I find particularly depressing!
I have some interesting ideas for new works this year & I have been busy with my sketch book so keep your eyes open.
I keep promising to post some images of recent work and I will, it is not always easy with magazine deadlines and publishing dates.As there can be conflict but 2.& 3 are from recent articles written for GMC Woodturning magazine. The third piece ( The Ginger Jar) I am particularly exited by as it does not appear to be round but faceted.

1.The coral series.

2.The Rocket Box.

3.The Ginger Jar.(my latestpiece and article for GMC )
I also thought I would show you one of my watercolours from last year.This was my mothers day gift for my mother last year.
I also did some paintings as Christmas gifts and they went down very well.We all need a hobby when time allows.
I will try to post again soon but I must head to the workshop and play as the ideas are beginning to flood out of my mind and there is only so many hours in the day with good natural light..

Friday, 22 January 2010

New Year - New Directions.

Belated seasons greetings to all and appologies for my lack of posts but when things get busy work comes first. The year ahead is shaping up well with demos around the UK and Europe, so time will need to be managed carefully to avoide missing magazine deadlines and commitments already made.
After many requests I will be making a DVD in April, followed in May with a two day decorating/turning course at Hunters Lodge in Lincolnshire with KTMP if you are interested in the course/DVD's contact Karl Tickle at http://www.ktmp.co.uk/ .
The course should be fun with the incresed interest there is in decorating wood there is a march away from the round and brown amongst the turning fraternaty here in the UK.
I will endevour to make regular posts through the comming year with images of my new work when possible, the demo year starts early for me in Febuary at Bedford Saws.